Happy New Year

First let me say Happy New Year; to those far and wide, keep safe and have a good time.

I have set myself a couple of targets for the new year and getting this blog up and running was one of them. Although I still have a lot to do to fill in all the gaps I am hoping that by having it available to all will motivate me to complete the current sections as well as ensuring that I add the appropriate updates during this years travels.

Land Rover plans for 2013 include a 14 day trip around Morocco in April, a handful of shows and events including the ALRC National, the four RTV’s run by BORG 4×4, a number of green lane runs still to be identified and a possible French Alps or Pyrenees trip late summer. In preparation for further travels I also intend adding more equipment to my 90 but only as I clearly identify what is needed. I don’t want to spend out on unnecessary gizmos. There is also a long list of work to complete on the Series III. These will be added to the appropriate section of the blog so that I can keep an eye on how I get on.

If that wasn’t enough I will also be keeping up my support of London Wasps; attending as many home games as possible. Last year Wasps escaped the drop on the very last game of the season, this year things are going a whole lot better so hopefully there will be much to smile about.

So that’s the plan for 2013. Only time will tell how I get on.

Comments, advise and suggests would be appreciate.