Nearly time to go …

It is now less than a week before my first overland trip to Morocco and it is probably fair to say I’m not ready. With work being so crazy since Christmas I am way behind where I would like to be but getting there slowly.

On the upside, the Land Rover has been serviced by the great guys at Berkshire Land Rover in Maidenhead. All the boxes are in and the top box has been fitted for extra storage. On my previous trips I have travelled alone, this time my father is with me so additional space is needed. Just need to pack everything and fill the jerry cans so I have extra fuel. All paperwork is done, with the exception of insurance for Morocco itself, but this can be purchased at the boarder if necessary. Ferry booked. Spares need to be purchased but hopefully that wont be a problem; shouldn’t really need much; hopefully not famous last words!!

So there we are, possibly not as bad as I thought.

The ferry is booked for next Friday. 17:30 from Portsmouth to Santander and then after the 24 hour crossing a 10 hour drive to Southern Spain awaits. Hope to meet up with the rest of the group mid afternoon Sunday ready for a good nights sleep and then an early crossing into Morocco on Monday morning 1st April.

All I have to do now is get through the busiest week of my working life ……


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