It is very easy to lose track of time on these journeys when you arrive and depart various locations at such unusual times. So far we have boarded a ferry at 17:00 GMT, left the ferry at about 18:00 the following day Spanish time. At some point over night both countries put there clocks forward by an hour, so when we thought we had arrived in the campsite at 13:00 it was in fact 14:00.

Tomorrow we travel by ferry to Morocco. Assuming it is about 10:00 Spanish time when we arrive it will be 08:00 local time!!! Confused, oh yes.

The journey down through Spain was long and tiring. Generally the weather was wet and cloudy, but then the sun would come out and the temperature rise. Apparently we can expect everything from hot sun to snow over the next 14 days which will give us plenty to think about while driving. We drove until midnight, slept in the car and then carried out; approximately 650 miles in total.

On arrival at the campsite we met the leaders of the trip who provided some loading advise which has resulted in an element of repacking and reworking of various loads. Generally easily sorted so ready for the off.

12 cars in total will be leaving the campsite in convoy tomorrow at 08:00 sharp. Straight to the ferry where we have been warned to expect a wait. Apparently they have a tendency to cancel ferries at the last minute if the weather is not good. Then it is the Moroccan boarder to contend with. So fingers crossed for as few delays as possible.


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