Day 8 – Ali’s Garage

Monday 8th April

The day was spent looking round the town, lazing in the hotel and generally doing not very much.

When we went into town late morning we took a walk to Ali’s garage to see how things were going. As my car only needed the glass changing, and he had shown me the part the previous day, I was expecting to see everything done and ready to pay for. Unfortunately it would appear that the part was wrong and a piece of plastic had been cut by someone with very poor eyesight! It looked as if an entire tube of mastic had been used to file the holes. I mentioned to Tom that I wasn’t happy and he said they had already spoken to Ali. At that I left.

We had been told that all cars would be ready for collection at 5. Unfortunately when we got back neither my car or Phil’s, which also needed a new window, were at the garage. 45 minutes later they turned up with new plastic windows. As the agreed price was for glass we both saved ourselves 300 Dhm.

The final little twist of annoyance was that having got back to the hotel we both noticed that the rear break light which sticks to the glass was missing. This was the last straw for Phil who returned to Ali’s, got him back to the workshop and collected our lights. It would appear that they had been safely stored ready for the next car that needed one.

It is safe to say that the whole Ali’s garage experience was not a high point of the trip.

Zagora is known as the “Gateway to the Sahara” with the signs stating “52 days by camel to Timbuktu”


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