Day 13 – Heading North

Saturday 13th April

A long, hot, days driving today took us from the magnificence of Marrakech past Casablanca and Rabat to the small Atlantic coast town of Moulay Bousselham ready for the short run up to the port at Tangiers tomorrow.

Generally there was nothing of great note about this drive. It was predominantly motorway, or at least the Moroccan equivalent. There were times when the locals driving skills beggared belief but we all arrived at our final destination safely.

On arrival in Moulay Bousselham huge crowds of people had gathered having some form of festival. When we went to investigate it turned out to be a form of horse racing where groups of riders charged down a stretch of dirt ground about 400 m long. Before hitting the barriers at the end they pulled up their horses and fired their guns. Although there was some logic to the proceedings it beat us, but the spectacle was amazing. All the riders and horses were dressed in traditional costume and the guns, which were also of a traditional design, made an incredible noise. All this coupled with the dust and smoke made for quite a spectical.

Tomorrow is our last day in Morocco. Wheels rolling is at 7am so that we can try and make the 10.30 ferry. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.


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