Challenge, the first!

Baldrick In true Baldrick style – I have a cunning plan!

Well actually that isn’t quite true. About as far as I have got is the need to start slow and build from there. My initial thoughts, and subsequent Google searches, have identified a number of walks and treks which will fulfil my ambitions very well. But not just yet.

So to the first challenge which is now in place and only a couple of weeks away….

At 08:30 on the 8th September 2013 I intend to set off from Reading Bridge on a 20+ mile walk along the River Thames to Bourne End marina. I am not too sure how long this will take or how I am going to feel at the end of it. It sounds very straight forward when you say it quickly but for someone who in the past has only put one foot in front of the other out of absolute necessity, it is a very long way! Fingers crossed I survive and am still enthusiastic for the next obstacle I put in my own path.

As part of the challenge I am looking to raise money for two great causes; Help for Heroes and Rennie Grove Hospice Care. If you are kind enough to venture to my fundraising page you will see that I have kept my initial target rather low; just £100. This is mainly because I intended this to be just the start. As the challenges get harder so the target will get bigger!

So finally, if you are in a position to spare a few coins, all donations will be greatly appreciated:

Thanks for reading and please come back to see how I get on and the next challenge I decide to undertake.


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