London 2 Brighton Land Rover Run – Part 2

Another great weekend brilliantly organised by the South London & Surrey Land Rover Club aided by the glorious weather.

London 2 Brighton 2013 As I was travelling on my own this year, there was less to pack so it was all done on Saturday morning and by ten thirty I was ready for the off. A leisurely drive through the middle of London (an unnecessary but enjoyable addition to my journey) and I was at Hook Road Arena by about 1.30. Although very early I wasn’t the first. The advantage of arriving at this time was that I found an ideal camping spot on the fields parameter away from the groups and the main pack. The tent was pitched and everything set ready for the night ahead, followed by a wonderfully lazy afternoon and evening.

Overnight camping Camping Saturday night.Series I Club Series I Club.101 or Forward Patrol - sorry for getting it wrong. 101 or Forward Patrol – which is it?

Although a chilly night I was well sorted with my two sleeping bags; “as snug as a bug” you might say. An early start in the morning was cold and damp, there was a heavy dew, but the sky was clear and everything was set for a great day.Bright by chilly morning. Bright but chilly morning.Camel Trophy Owners Club Camel Trophy Owners Club.

At about 8 o’clock the first of the clubs started to move soon followed by the overnight campers. Last, but not least, those that had turned up in the morning just for the run were sent on their way.

We're off! We’re off!Sunday arrivals waiting their turn Sunday arrivals waiting their turn!Maderia Drive, Brighton  Maderia Drive, Brighton.Maderia Drive, Brighton Maderia Drive, Brighton.Maderia Drive, Brighton Maderia Drive, Brighton.

A leisurely drive down to Brighton in convoy with a large number of similar vehicles and like minded people is at the heart of this event. The camping is part of the fun; viewing all the Land Rovers parked up on the sea front at Brighton is great, as well as spotting the ones you want to own and getting ideas; but the drive itself is what it is really all about. Seeing people stop and stare as you all pass with the different coloured and prepared vehicles; standard, modified, old, new, hard top, soft top and no top! Flags flying. An experience to be recommended. As Martin says, every Land Rover owner needs to do this at least once.

TweetMaderia Drive, Brighton Maderia Drive, Brighton.

Sunday was wonderfully warm which just round off the weekend perfectly.

Thanks again to SLSLRC for all the work they put in to make this event what it is. I’m already looking forward to Sunday 5th October 2014.

If you can, be there.


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