I am not an artist or a musician. I don’t write stories or poems. I don’t understand the concept of “Inspiration”.

Well I didn’t.

When I read how a musician had come to think of the basis of a chart topping song I would struggle to understand the concept. “I was inspired by ……. ” they would say. “The idea came to me while …….”!

Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits was reported as saying he got the idea for “Money for nothing” while observing guys working in an electrical store watching MTV. He wrote down their comments and then created one of the worlds most successful songs.

My view has started to change recently, primarily due to writing this blog. Some of my entries seem to take weeks and are a struggle, even though I am keen to put forward my thoughts. Others just flow. An idea pops into my head and I am away. Yes it takes more time to fine tune the final version that I publish to the world, but the basic idea can be down on”paper” in a very short period.

I recently wrote an article about working abroad. The idea came to me while siting in a restaurant after a days work in Dubai. I then wrote, corrected and prepared it for publication while having a coffee in Costa. All in the space of an hour or so. No time at all.

I am currently sitting on a tube train heading into London for a meeting. The idea for “Inspiration” came to me last night and I am using the journey as an opportunity to get down my thoughts. Normally I would make some edits over the weekend and then publish once I have settled on a final version. While sitting here tapping away I have been looking up at the people around me, those getting on, and those getting off this train. A new idea is forming the title for which has already been noted down, possibly it will give me something to do on the journey home.

So now I think I am beginning to understand the concept. How it is a composer can be walking along a beech from which a great musical score emerges.

Someone once said that everybody has at least one novel in them. I have an ambition to write mine, but will this slowly emerging understanding of inspiration ultimately lead to that destination? Who knows? I guess only time will tell.

Well for now let’s “publish and be damned”….


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