My Big Australian Adventure – Part 4, The Good Samaritan

Sydney TrainThursday 3rd April

Having decided the best way of getting to the airport would be by train I spent a little time planning the route so that I knew what time I needed to leave and the services I needed to get. Lauren was arriving this morning and I didn’t won’t to be late meeting her. It is safe to say I have been very much looking forward to her arrival so that I can share all the sights of Sydney that I have enjoyed so much, and also see some which I know she has found on the internet that perhaps I wouldn’t have looked for.

5am, up, shower and out to North Ryde station. Ticket purchased; slight problem due to my credit card not being accepted but I have another; no worries. Then ……

“Due to a signal failure there will be no trains either way from this station!”

What! How am I going to get to the airport?

As luck would have it there was another guy at the station trying to get into the city, the difference being he also knew the buses. He very kindly offered to show me where I needed to go. A relatively short but brisk walk later we were at the bus stop on the edge of Epping Road. “We need the quick Freeway bus” my new friend said so we ignored the first and 10 minutes later got on the next.

There were only 2 or 3 stops and then we were crossing the harbour bridge and in to the city. Skip the first stop and then off at Wynyard. Again I was pleased to have my guide as I didn’t recognise the station at all as we were the opposite side from George Street where I would normally be. He was also getting off here and even showed me which platform I needed.

To my Good Samaritan I would like to say “Thank you very much!”

With out a doubt he made what was going to be a very stressful situation very easy.

In the end I arrived at the airport about the same time I had originally planned. Checking the board I could see that the Dubai flight had arrived 20 minutes early. So I stood by the barrier and waited. And waited. And waited. Now I am getting worried again. I tried calling and texting; nothing. Then just as I was about to find some help a text arrived; “just arrived, flight an hour late leaving!” The early flight was the wrong flight!

Thankfully the trip back was very straight forward. Lauren got to see her first sight of the harbour bridge and opera house. The signal fault and been sorted so it was straight back to North Ryde and the hotel.


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