My Future Big Australian “Overland” Adventure

large_detailed_administrative_map_of_australiaOne of my aims in life, which I have become more focused on in the last few years, is that Big Overland Adventure.

You know, that REALLY big one!

It has always been in my mind that the location would be Africa, possibly London to Cape Town as that conjures up all the amazing thoughts of travel and historic expeditions. Traversing Europe, into Africa via Morocco or Egypt and then down the continent through all those countries you have seen on the news and never thought that you would actually see for real.

But I think my experience of Australia has changed all that. I know I have only really seen Sydney and the immediate area, but what I have seen and experienced has ignited a wish for more. Programmes on the telly where guys drive huge land trains through the outback have also added to this need.

This continent has so much to offer with each major city and state so completely different from the rest, with mountains, rain forests, deserts, lakes, rivers; Australia has it all!

australia-topographic-map-960With this in mind I have done some research on line and almost my first stop was a brilliant website,, which is full of places to go and things to see. If by any chance you are planning a trip down under I cannot recommend this site enough.

From this site I have extracted a few links for more information about the main cities and other key places to visit. Click on the “Explore Places ..” graphic below to see an interactive map with the locations on it, or alternatively click on my list below for information on the specific locations:


Territory City / Location
Northern Territory
New South Wales
Australian Capital Territory
South Australia
Western Australia




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