My Big Australian Adventure – Part 15

Seven weeks gone in a flash!

That’s how long I have been here in Sydney and it is very difficult to believe it is over all ready. In a short while I will be heading to the airport and starting the long journey back to the UK.

If you have been reading my posts over the past few weeks – thanks very much for doing so – you will appreciate just how much I have enjoyed travelling around and seeing different places both in Sydney and the surrounding area.

The best? The Rocks and surrounding districts – I love the area, the feel, the architecture, the history. For me this part of Sydney has everything; the history is there to see in the streets. It is so easy to image the convicts being taken off their ships and then marched through the streets up to Hyde Park Barracks.

I will be back one day, whether with work or on my “Big Overland Adventure” I don’t yet know; but I will be back!

Thanks Sydney, it’s been a blast!

2014-05-03 15.38.11


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