London Markets – Part 2

This Sunday, 15th June, was Fathers Day and so as a treat Lauren allowed me to take her out to visit two London markets; Portobello Road which I have wanted to see for many years but never quite made it, and Greenwich which is one of Lauren’s long term favourites.

Portobello Road

This is a world famous antiques market situated in west London. The crazy thing is that it is no more than 30 minutes from home but there always seemed to be something else taking priority.

Unfortunately for us Sunday is the day that most of the market is closed! However there was enough open to get a feel for the place, as well as a number of the amazing shops. One of the best for me was the Portobello Photography Gallery which has some seriously great pictures on display and for sale. Many show the “hidden” side of London with images of places and people that most of us would probably not normally see or notice.

One part of the market which was open was selling street food. My choice was a Cheeky Burger; in fact a cheeky cheese burger without the cheese much to the amusement of the young lady cooking.

Our next visit to Portobello will be on a Sunday, and soon.


Next we headed to South London and Greenwich. This is not perhaps such a famous market, but as a town Greenwich is known the world over for the prime meridian and as the centre of global time!

Greenwich Market is open Tuesday through to Sunday and is crammed packed with antiques, collectables, arts and crafts. Not large, but well worth a look plus you have the opportunity to visit the Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum, former Naval Hospital and the shops and restaurants which line the streets and river front.

Another aspect of Greenwich is the wonderful architecture which is hidden in the back streets. As with Columbia Road previously, you can get a real sense of the old London by taking a walk off the beaten track.


2014-06-15 15.01.50



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