Australia, Trip 3 – Part 2

Sunday 21st September

It’s is certainly good to be back in Sydney!

It was as if I had never been away when I jumped on the train at the airport yesterday morning and headed for my hotel in North Ryde. Everything felt so familiar, so comfortable. It was hard to believe I had left, even harder to believe that in reality I have spent so little time here.

The journey to the hotel was so straight forward. International Terminal to Wynyard and then change for North Ryde; not to forget I need the train going via Macquarie University. Just a five minute wait for the next train at each stop.

Saturday was mainly about sleep. I checked in and found myself in an identical room to my last visit. Unpack; sleep. Watch some rubbish on the telly, Australian television is dreadful, dinner, some work, sleep.

2014-09-21 10.44.07Today I am back in the centre of Sydney. Breakfast at the Swagmans Cafe in The Rocks, a family favorite, and then a walk.

A half marathon is underway when I arrive resulting in a lot of the roads being closed and so I found myself, more by luck than judgement, outside the Museum of Sydney. As this was on my list of places to visit this trip I went in. Built on the site of the original Government House, it was worth a look but I didn’t feel that I learnt anything new about the city.2014-09-21 13.11.34

2014-09-21 13.24.01Now I am sitting in the Botanical gardens writing and watching the world go by. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and although there is a very slight chill in the breeze, it is just about perfect. Various boats pass by in the harbour, including the very recognisable Manly Ferry. It is safe to say I have missed being here. Nowhere in Manchester allows me just to sit and think. At home there is too much to do; to much to get done. But here in Sydney, in this park, I can just sit and relax. A perfect Sunday!

I spent some time walking around the water front, as far as Woolloomooloo Bay and then back again. Enjoying the sights and sounds. Occasionally I just sat and watched the world go by.

As the light began to fade, it gets dark very early in Sydney, I decided I needed to eat before heading back to the hotel. My choice being The Rocks Cafe on George Street. I have walked past this place many times often admiring the cakes on display in the window. I had previously promised myself a slice of their lemon meringue pie and so stepped in side.

2014-09-21 18.01.09The food was wonderful as was the service; definitely to be recommended.

And so a great day back in Sydney came to a close. Just the journey to the hotel to think about.


Australia, Trip 3 – Part 1

Tuesday 16th September

I am currently sitting in the Handmade Burger Co. restaurant in Manchester. Having ordered my food, my thoughts have turned to my next big adventure. I am here again tomorrow, Manchester that is as opposed to the restaurant, and then heading south, pickup some cloths, sort out a few final chores and then to the airport.

For the third time this year I am heading round the world to Sydney, Australia. A shorter trip than last time, only four weeks, but that just means I need to make sure that I make the most of the opportunity.

Other than re-equating myself with the city and visiting the Sydney museum which I ran out of time to do previously, I think my main adventure this time will be a little further a field; but where?

There are two clear candidates in my mind; Fraser Island or Hobart, Tasmania.

Fraser Island, a few hours drive north of Brisbane is the largest sand island in the world. Just one of the many records this magnificent continent holds. There is a highway on the beach, just pure sand beneath your tyres, fresh water lakes and rain forests all making up this remarkable and unique environment. But with so much to experience is there time?

A trip to Tasmania on the other hand will take in Hobart the capital city as well as Port Arthur another of the world heritage convict sites which I would like to visit in order to increase my knowledge of Australian history and the part Britain played in shaping it.

I have seen both these sites on various television programs this year and also undertaken a little reading to understand better what there is to see and experience. Now I simply need to make up my mind and book the flights!