Australia, Trip 3 – Part 2

Sunday 21st September

It’s is certainly good to be back in Sydney!

It was as if I had never been away when I jumped on the train at the airport yesterday morning and headed for my hotel in North Ryde. Everything felt so familiar, so comfortable. It was hard to believe I had left, even harder to believe that in reality I have spent so little time here.

The journey to the hotel was so straight forward. International Terminal to Wynyard and then change for North Ryde; not to forget I need the train going via Macquarie University. Just a five minute wait for the next train at each stop.

Saturday was mainly about sleep. I checked in and found myself in an identical room to my last visit. Unpack; sleep. Watch some rubbish on the telly, Australian television is dreadful, dinner, some work, sleep.

2014-09-21 10.44.07Today I am back in the centre of Sydney. Breakfast at the Swagmans Cafe in The Rocks, a family favorite, and then a walk.

A half marathon is underway when I arrive resulting in a lot of the roads being closed and so I found myself, more by luck than judgement, outside the Museum of Sydney. As this was on my list of places to visit this trip I went in. Built on the site of the original Government House, it was worth a look but I didn’t feel that I learnt anything new about the city.2014-09-21 13.11.34

2014-09-21 13.24.01Now I am sitting in the Botanical gardens writing and watching the world go by. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and although there is a very slight chill in the breeze, it is just about perfect. Various boats pass by in the harbour, including the very recognisable Manly Ferry. It is safe to say I have missed being here. Nowhere in Manchester allows me just to sit and think. At home there is too much to do; to much to get done. But here in Sydney, in this park, I can just sit and relax. A perfect Sunday!

I spent some time walking around the water front, as far as Woolloomooloo Bay and then back again. Enjoying the sights and sounds. Occasionally I just sat and watched the world go by.

As the light began to fade, it gets dark very early in Sydney, I decided I needed to eat before heading back to the hotel. My choice being The Rocks Cafe on George Street. I have walked past this place many times often admiring the cakes on display in the window. I had previously promised myself a slice of their lemon meringue pie and so stepped in side.

2014-09-21 18.01.09The food was wonderful as was the service; definitely to be recommended.

And so a great day back in Sydney came to a close. Just the journey to the hotel to think about.


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