Australia, Trip 4 – Tasmania Part 1

When this trip to Australia was arranged I agreed to extend it by a week on the understanding that I could take 2 days holiday which would allow me to travel a little further afield. I had a few destinations in mind but settled on my first choice, Tasmania.

My time in Sydney has allowed me to feed my history habit by exploring a number of convict sites and delving into this intriguing, and relatively recent, piece of our shared past. Sites such as The Rocks and Cockatoo Island have been fascinating to wonder around as you are able to see buildings which played their part in the convict story as well as allowing your imagination to take you back to when those men, women and children would have been walking through the streets and alleys which you find yourself in today.

When looking into the story of Australia’s convict past it is not possible to read too much without Port Arthur being mentioned. This penal colony was establish to hold some of the most hardened of prisoners in a location from which escape was all but impossible.

2014-12-05 06.18.30Friday 5th December

With all the arrangements in place I headed out very early, 5 am!!, to get the train from North Ryde to Sydney’s domestic airport terminal. Just over an hour later I was checking in and heading for security. With only a small bag containing everything I needed for my four day trip I was through and waiting at the gate in no time at all; via a much needed coffee stop.

The Virgin Australia flight went without a hitch and we touched down in Hobart right on time. I must say this was probably the best “low cost” flight I have ever had!

As I walked off the plane the chill was a bit of a shock. Obviously nothing like it is at home at the moment, but 10 degrees when you have got used to 30 is a shock! I had been warned that it was colder in Tasmania so had my hoodie with me, thankfully.

The next shock was when I picked up my hire car. $3500 insurance excess on a car that couldn’t have been worth much more! Certainly makes you think about your driving.

From the airport I headed into the city centre to have a look around. It didn’t take long to drive right through and out the other side! Hobart is not a big town.

I drove back through the narrow lanes of Battery Point which is one of the oldest and best preserved parts of Hobart. You get a real feel of what life must have been in times gone by. Unfortunately the weather and early start combined to persuade me not to go for a walk as the hills were very steep and I wasn’t too sure I had the energy. In stead I made my way into Salamanca Place; eventually finding a parking space I got out the car to stretch my legs.

While out I checked the location of the hotel I had booked and found it to be a little further out of town than I had expected so decided it was probably time to head there. I was staying in a small town up the Derwent Valley from Hobart called New Norfolk. As I was to find out a very interesting town with a fascinating history …..


Tas DevilTazIn order to avoid any doubt:

<< A real Tasmanian Devil.

A fake Tazmanian Devil >>


There are plenty of websites if you would like more information. The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park was one project I passed during my visit.




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