Welcome 2016

Sydney NYEHappy new year – if a little late!

I have always found that I write most when I’m not feeling at my best which, judging by the limited number of posts, would suggest 2015 was a good year. I think it probably was.

New job, new life in a new country, a whole new start.

Since moving to Sydney in May I have revisited many places I saw during my previous travels, but also many new ones. I have spent time reading up on the European history of New South Wales and started to prepare lists of the places I need to visit, research and explore in the future.

My NSW lighthouse challenge has taken a huge leap forward following a road trip to Brisbane with Lauren over Christmas – just one of a number of posts I need to complete in the near future.

As well as the good, 2015 saw a number of more difficult events. My divorce was completed in December. The sale of the house I had put so much time and effort into was sold. My Land Rovers were both also sold; the Series III was particularly difficult to let go. Some of these events were my decisions, some were outside my control, but as I sit here looking into 2016 I am sure they were all for the best and it is only because of these that I am here in Sydney now.

The hardest part of moving to Sydney was leaving Lauren behind. Since leaving the UK I have only spent about four weeks with her. But I did see her on her 21st birthday and she was here for Christmas and New Year. I am also hopeful that she will be spending more time here once she finishes university.

And so to 2016 and what the future holds. The main thing for me is to secure a new four wheel drive so that I can start to get out further and see all those places on my list and experience another part of the Australia lifestyle. There are so many places to see and experience that I don’t expect to spend too many weekends in my apartment!

Once again, Happy New Year! I hope 2016 fulfils all our dreams and, as always, thanks for reading.

Sydney NYE 1


One thought on “Welcome 2016

  1. Good luck with all of it Daren. You have an interesting second half to look foreward too. An enviable position. Take it easy and I look forward to a meeting some time in the future.

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