Now for 2017 …

And so that’s 2016 over and done. Not too soon many will say. It’s been a tough year around the world as conflicts continue to rage, people suffer, die or risk everything to escape to a new country in which they may well feel less welcome than the one they left behind. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the new American President have meant politics have taken an unexpected path in the free world as well, all of which has created a very unclear future.

But this is not meant to be a morbid, down beat, reflection on life.

2016 has been good to me! New apartment, new car, trips back to the UK and travel in Australia seeing new places and experiencing new things.

A large part of 2016 was spent back in the U.K. One month here and one months there for the first seven months of the year; it was tough. It certainly took its toll. But it did allow me to experience the highlight of my year.

lauren-graduationIn September I was in Canterbury Cathedral to see Lauren graduate from university. How very proud was I to see her collect her degree. It was an amazing experience.

David BowieAs everybody knows there seems to have been a disproportionate number of people passing this year. Prince and George Michael to name just two. But by far the biggest shock for me was David Bowie. I wrote about this at the time but it still seems untrue when  mentioned on the news with all the others.

December saw me tick off the first of my big Australian adventures with a two week road trip to Uluru. An absolutely awesome experience which I will write more about separately.


There have been parties, drinking, laughing, good friends. Yes, 2016 was a good year.

koalaAnd so to 2017. I don’t know what to expect but another road trip is planned, destination as yet unknown, and I intend to continue with the personal transformation journey I started back in October. So far the results have been good but I have a way to go yet.

A Happy and Prosperous new year to you all, I hope 2017 brings everything you wish for and more.

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