Future trips, visits & adventures …

While watching various TV programmes and wading through reams of rubbish on Facebook & Twitter there are often places mentioned, or photographs published, that make you think “I would like to go there …..!”

This list is my way of trying to record these places and ideas so even if I don’t get there this year they wont be forgotten, but could well form the basis of a future trip, visit or adventure.

Location Visit Comments
Snowdonia National Park May 2014* This has gone straight in at the top of the list as Lauren and I have agreed this will be our first holiday of the year, even though the exact dates have yet to be confirmed. Accommodation will be a small, hopefully isolated, cottage which will give us a good base from which to explore all of the local attractions. Looking forward to this!
Devils Bridge Falls May 2014* This recently featured on a Welsh detective programme on the BBC called Hinterland.
Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site May 2014* Places to see include: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Chirk Aqueduct and Chirk Castle.
The Isle of Anglesey May 2014* The addition of this item is the fault of Griff Rhys Jones! Having watched a small part of his programme about exploring Wales a number of locations were shown which deserved a mention on this list of places to be seen:

  • Beaumaris Castle was the last of Edward I’s ‘iron ring’ of castles along the North Wales coast. Other attractions in the town include the Goal and Court House
  • South Stack Lighthouse
  • Llynnon, the only working wind mill in Wales

Beamish Open Air Museum I have a keen interest in history, particularly that can be seen, touched and experienced – castles, country houses, old towns, streets, etc. So therefore “living museums” have a particular fascination. I have been to the Black Country Living Museum and Blists Hill Victorian Town, but even through I first saw Beamish on the telly as a kid I have never paid a visit. So definitely one for this list!
Westminster Abbey 1000 years of English history in one building! How is it that I have never been?
St. Pauls Cathedral
Durham Cathedral
St Nectans Glen Near Tintagel in Cornwall, another place to which I must return one day.
The Eleanor Crosses Following her death, King Edward I had a series of crosses erected in memory of his wife Eleanor of Castile, marking the nightly resting-places along the route taken when her body was transported to London. The Eleanor Crosses were a series of twelve originally wooden, but later lavishly decorated stone, monuments of which three survive intact in a line down part of the east of England. The route starts in Lincoln and passes through Grantham, Stamford, Geddington, Hardingstone, Stony Stratford, Woburn, Dunstable, St Albans, Waltham (now Wltham Cross), Westcheap (now Cheapside) and Charing (now Charing Cross).
Atlantic Road, Norway Having spent a couple of weeks in Norway, when travelling to North Cape (Nordkapp), it has always been my intention to return and see more of the coastal path, Fjords and mountains. The Atlantic Road is considered by many to be one of the greatest driving routes in the world, in addition the Sognefjellet National Tourist Route takes in some high passes, therefore an ideal destination.
High Alps Passes, Switzerland and Austria Summer 2014*

Isle of Iona 2012 Visited during my tour of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, but it is safe to say I will need to return at some point.
The Electric Brae The Electric Brae is a gravity hill in Ayrshire, Scotland, where cars appear to be drawn uphill by some mysterious attraction. The Lowland Scots word brae means a hill-slope or brow (with which it is cognate), and the “electric” name was given when electricity was a new technology associated with strange forces.
Adventures that are more of a dream

  • Turkey through Istanbul
  • Travels of St Paul : Jerusalem, Damascus, Tarsus, Antioch, Ephesus, Istanbul, Kavala, Philippi, Thessalonica, Athens, Corinth, Malta, Puteoli, Rome
  • Egypt and Jordan (Petra)
  • Finland and Russia (St. Petersburgh)
  • Europe – so many places to see.
  • London to Cape Town – the ultimate trip of a life time.

* Planned date.

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